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  Eleanor Dickinson Blog: European Madison title and World Cup gold  
  January 15th 2018 By Eleanor Dickinson  
  Eleanor Dickinson with Elinor Barker after winning the European Madison title. Photo: © Arne Mill -  
  My first Elite European Championships! I can't really remember what I was expecting. It feels so long ago already! But I do remember being chuffed to be heading there with the team, it was as exciting as always, every trip is!

It was a mixed trip for me I would say, with a mixed bag of emotions, I know I always tell myself I'm still learning and I have to always take the experiences and challenges on for next time but of course you are heading there with full intentions to give your best crack for a medal!

Silver in the team pursuit, I rode the first round in TP and then rode the elimination the same day as the other two rounds.

My elimination race was fun, I always learn sooooooo much every time I start an elimination race and yeah fifth place doesn't sound so amazing but I didn't really know what to expect so I wasn't disappointed with that. I always find that eliminations can be so hit and miss, so I usually judge my elimination result on if I'm happy with how I rode it. Then I can pick out the parts to work on. Fifth isn't terrible so I'll take that haha!

As for the scratch race, it just went wrong. There was a move that rolled away, and I guess I let it slip. It got to the point when everyone else became cagey and no one wanted to commit to the chase and it meant the race was over then really. It's pretty hard to adjust your game plan, to sprint for sixth when you are in the race to win. Again, it's all learning.

By the time the Madison came around, it was the last race and of course Elinor Barker and myself where really up for it. It was ace to get to ride again with El, because the Madison we did together at the LA World Cup last year didn't go as well as we had expected. I love the Madison, it is challenging in every way and to see so many teams being so competitive makes it even more exciting.

Of course there are always points to improve on, but looking back on the race I think it was a ride we are both proud of, we certainly didn't make it easy for ourselves.

To win both the Under 23 and Elite European titles in one of my favourite events has been really cool and I'm just excited for more Madison madness!!!

London 6 Day was up next, and it was such a fun/tiring weekend! I'm so glad I got the opportunity to finally get myself to a 6 Day event, it's always something I have wanted to get involved in.

The racing there was super tough but so good to be amongst a world class field.

It was bit of a shock to the system the first night, but by the time the omnium came around I was ready to go again, and I was defiantly chuffed to come away with a third place. Pretty awesome to see a podium of GB riders!

The atmosphere in there was cool. It felt like I was riding my bike around a night club sometimes…I guess just with sore legs the next day from racing my bike rather than dancing!!!

Off the back of a class weekend in London was a pretty gutting home World Cup in Manchester. Slapping off pretty hard in the scratch race before the TP rounds was never part of the plan! I finally got my mum to a bike race (she gets nervous watching me race) and I end up sliding down the back straight in front of her!!! Typical!

So that was pretty annoying because with very little sleep that night, plenty of splinter picking and a fair amount of burns down my right hand side of my body, getting into my TP bars for a TP was never going to be comfy.

However, despite that the ride with the Breeze girls went well. I was in man four which was a change for me and I went into some longer changes, which was a nice change to be able to try something different.

Tough weekend for me, feeling fairly battered it was disappointing!

Another week on and it was already time to fly away again, this time to Canada for the next World Cup.

It felt strange heading to a World Cup with no TP team, but at the same time I was so excited to get the opportunity to get stuck into my first World Cup omnium and of course another Madison, this time with Katie Archibald.

Bronze in the omnium and gold in the Madison! I can't be too disappointed with that!

I was happy with my omnium, there's a lot for me to take from it and work on. I felt as though I was lacking the legs at some parts which meant I was maybe making decisions I wouldn't usually do with good legs? If that makes sense.

The most enjoyable race was the elimination, it was a tough one… Because the field was smaller than the usual elimination races I've been in so it was a lot harder to hide and surf wheels… It felt very full on from the word go, there was lots of pushing around. It was great haha! I can't remember the last time I made it to the last two of an elimination so it was cool to actually get myself in that position because it's not often you can practice the finish of an elimination.

It was my first Madison with Katie at a major competition and I really enjoyed the race, it was full on from the word go and I think compared to the other Madison races I have been in where we have won from laps or attacking, this was very much the opposite and we focused on the sprints. Of course, there were some classic sketchy Madison moments, but I think it was defiantly one of the best Madison I have ridden technically wise, with some good changes and good timing not much went wrong.

I was buzzing after this one, it had been a really good trip and to end it with a gold was the perfect ending. Well actually our team adventure to Niagara Falls the day after was pretty perfect too!

So that was my racing for 2017. Was nice to have a little break at home over Christmas and now I am back in to it with a training camp in Mallorca. Strangely I am really looking forward to this big block of work ahead and coming back to racing stronger :-)

Thank you for reading!
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