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  Chloe Moran switches focus to the road after missing selection for Junior Track World Championships  
  April 16th 2016  
  Chloe Moran celebrates her road race victory. © Con Chronis  
  Chloe Moran has changed focus in 2016 as she targets the road and selection for the Junior Road World Championships in Qatar. Best known for her success on the track including claiming a silver medal in 2015 in the team pursuit at the Junior World Championships, Moran missed selection for the team in 2016.

Despite the set back and limited road preparation Moran headed to Bendigo for the Oceania Championships hoping to produce a strong result in the time trial and attract the eye of selectors. While she narrowly missed the win in the time trial by just two seconds, Moran claimed the road race title the following day with a dominant sprint from a five-rider break.

With few junior races to stake her claim on a spot for the World Championships Moran has the upcoming Mersey Valley Tour, April 29 - May 1 and the Under 19 Road National Championships 1-3 July as her primary targets.

Quick turn around from Track Nationals what was your preparation like and what were your goals for the Oceania Championships?

After taking a short break after Track Nationals I had very limited time to prepare for the Oceania Championships and spent the few weeks I had getting in some good kilometres in my legs. Coming out of track season I knew my road base definitely needed to be built up more, so I went into the event not expecting much, just aiming to do my best and get an idea of where my form was at the early stages of the road season. I was still hoping for a strong result in the TT as I thought I was more suited to this type of course but I was unsure of how I would fair in the road race. Achieving the results I did was definitely an unexpected surprise so I was very pleased.

How did you find the course for the time trial?

The time trial course was undulating but not too hilly and quite exposed to the wind. I think the strength needed in the wind and up some of the smaller punchy undulations was a course that suited me fairly well.

What did it mean to claim time trial silver at the Oceania Championships? Were less than 2 seconds off gold is it disappointing to come so close and just miss out?

Being such a close race you're always going to have in the back of your mind the question of where you could have made up those couple of seconds however I was still very happy to claim the silver. It was gratifying to know that the hard work I had put in placed me in one of the top contenders.

Heading in to the road race after silver in the time trial did your goals change for the road race?

Heading into the road race with a medal under my belt definitely gave me a bit more confidence in terms of knowing that my endurance was going strong. I still had some reservations about this hillier course due to not having a decent amount of road training. However my goals were to race a smart race, get into strong moves and just aim for the best result I could produce on the day.

Part of a five rider break that escaped and went to the finish how did the race play out for you and how were you feeling as you approached the finish for the sprint?

A couple of riders and I put some pressure on going up one of the bergs earlier on in the race which was enough to create a split in the bunch. We had to work fairly hard to form a decent break however once we found a good rhythm with the five of us swapping turns we were able to increase the gap to a good distance. The break continued to work evenly for the next 50km or so and it came down to a sprint finish between the five of us. I was unsure how my sprint would fair but approaching the finish my main concern was to not jump the gun too early. I managed to time my sprint fairly well and hold off for the win, which was quite a surprise for me, as I do not typically suit a sprint finish.

What does it mean to be under 19 Oceania Champion in the road race?

It's certainly amongst my top achievements to be the Oceania Champion. I was pretty happy that I could produce a solid result on both days of racing. It's still so early on in the season so I definitely have other goals coming up but it has put some confidence into me heading into the road season.

After missing selection for Junior Track World Championships has taking gold and silver allowed you to make up for that disappointment?

Missing selection for Junior Track Worlds was a bit of a disappointment however I feel this has now opened the opportunity for me to get much needed experience on the road, which I missed a lot of last year due to illness and focusing on track. I think it will be very beneficial for my development to get a more holistic view of cycling, in terms of gaining more of an understanding of both the road and track. Coming away with the medals at Oceania Championships just gave me extra motivation to put good, hard work into my road training to hopefully have other successes later in the year.

What are your goals for 2016? Going to focus more on the road this year? Potentially looking at Junior Road Worlds?

The next main races coming up for me are Mersey Valley Tour and Road Nationals. As my focus has now shifted to road for this season I do have Junior Road Worlds as an aspiration in the back of my mind, however I know there is a lot of hard work to be put in to be able to attain a spot on the team and there are also many other strong competitors with the same aim. I am just focusing on getting as much experience as I can throughout the season and whatever successes come from that will just be icing on the cake.
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