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  Junior World Sprint Champion Courtney Field ready for nationals and her second year as an under 19  
  January 22nd 2015  
  17 year old sprint sensation and reigning Junior World Sprint Champion Courtney Field has set her sights on a strong start to her second year in the under 19 category. After four successful years as an under 15 and under 17, Field confirmed her talent last year taking a clean sweep of the sprint, keirin and 500m time trial at the Australian National Championships.

In August Field became only the second Australian in history to win the women’s sprint at the Junior Track World Championships. As a first year under 19 it was an ever rarer occurrence. Field also picked up silver medals in the 500m time trial and keirin. At the 2015 Oceania Championships in October Field was in a league of her own to become World, Oceania and Australian sprint champion in the one year.

As Field enters her final year as a junior with the upcoming Australian National Championships she is already focused on new goals in 2015. Now working with Glenn Doney, the successful head coach of the Victorian Institute of Sport, Field is looking to add to her tally of 18 national titles.

Below Field talks 2014, working with Glenn Doney, her first national title success and her preparation for the national championships.

PelotonWatch: 2014 was a really big year for you looking back what does it all mean to you?

Courtney Field: 2014 was a really big year for me, stepping up officially to under 19's from my junior (U15's & U17) years. It was a big year full of a lot of up and downs - and a lot of changes. I learnt so much from that year and grew a lot. So I'm really grateful for the big learning curve and experiences.

PW: You had the opportunity to wear the rainbow jersey in the sprint at the Oceania Championships in Adelaide last year. You must be looking forward to racing at home in Melbourne in front of friends and family in the rainbow stripes at the National Championships?

CF: Yes I did, it was a really big deal being the only Australian girl to wear it at a championships in the sprint, which was an experience in itself. Great to learn, how to deal with the pressure of wearing the World Champion’s skin suit before it does get to National Championships. Super happy that it is in Melbourne this year, in front of a home crowd. Just hoping that Melbourne's weather produces a fast track.

PW: After the Junior World Championships you changed coaches and you are now coached by VIS Head Coach Glenn Doney what has it been like working with him?

CF: It has been the greatest experience working with Glenn. I am very lucky that I been given the opportunity to work with him. It has really changed a lot for me, and I have grown as an athlete. But also he makes me work harder than I have ever before - on and off (gym) the bike. We have a great understanding with each other in the short time that we have worked together and I have enjoyed every second of it. It is the step up I needed going into second year under 19. Although I am very grateful for the work Hilton Clark did with me and I wouldn't be as successful as I am with out him.

PW: Does the success of last year drive you to want to achieve more?

CF: The success of last year just sets a higher bar for me to look into the year of 2015. Now with bigger and better goals to focus on in the near future - on and off the bike. I'm very lucky that I have a great support team around me at the Victorian Institute of Sport to try and help me achieve my goals and keep me on track.

PW: Your last event was the Austral Carnival at the end of December what has your preparation been like?

CF: The Austral was the last event that I did before I left for my short 12 day holiday in Perth. Glenn thought it was a good idea for me to go and have a little get away and let my body recover. Which was a great idea, I come back fresh and ready to go. Also got a little bit taller (exciting times). My preparation was going really well until I injured my leg in the gym last week and I had to take a few days off the bike. My preparation has been good apart from that little hiccup, and I am back training now and looking forward to Nationals.

PW: Your first National title was back when you were an under 15 in the sprint. What did it mean to win your first Australian title?

CF: That year was the best year for me, I was 12 years old and it was my first national title. It was my second year of racing and probably the best feeling ever (at that stage) funny because the podium was myself, Macey Stewart and Lauren Perry. My Junior Worlds team mates this year. When I won, saluted a little bit early (at the pursuit line). I had qualified about 7th that year in the 200. So I was stoked.

PW: Since then you have won 18 National titles is there one that stands out as the most memorable?

CF: My most memorable title was probably the 2014 sprint championships last year in Adelaide. I had the worst preparation, not being able to go on the track much (three times in a month) or having a road bike or being able to go to the gym. So it was probably the most emotional win for me but coming into Nationals this year with being the world champion and wearing the rainbows hopefully I can do well and execute some good races and just that in itself will be the most memorable.

Courtney Field wins Junior Oceania sprint title in rainbow stripes
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