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  Courtney Field Claims Oceania Track Championships Sprint Gold  
  October 11th 2014  
  World Junior Sprint Champion Courtney Field made her first appearance in the rainbow jersey for the flying 200m at the Oceania Championships on Friday. After qualifying second fastest Field easily moved though the semi finals to the gold ride against Tahlay Christie.

A dominant performance by Field in the final saw the Junior World Champion take victory in two rides. "It is really good. I'm very happy. Ecstatic!," said Field. "It was my first race in my World Champions stripes and I got to show everyone why I am wearing them."

"After having a bad qualifying it is really good to come back and do some really good match sprints."

Field leaves Adelaide as the current Junior World, Oceania and Australian Champion in the sprint.

As the last starter Field posted a time of 11.735secs to qualify second fastest behind Tahlay Christie (11.677). As one of the top two qualifiers Field proceeded directly to the semi finals. "I was really disappointed with my qualifying. I had a few issues, the morning wasnít really going my way."

Emma Cumming of New Zealand was no match for Field in the semi final, with Field proceeding in strait heats to set up a meeting with Christie in the final.

Field was again unstoppable in the rides for gold. "I didnít really know how to race Tahlay because I havenít raced her before but I'm really happy with my tactics."

Starting from the front both times Field put in a turn of speed that Christie was unable to match and powered to the line to take both rides comfortably. "After having a bad qualifying it is really good to come back and do some really good match sprints."

"I'm happy that I got to come out and race and prove to myself that I'm good."

With the winner of the sprint at the Junior World Championships more often being a second year they have few opportunities to wear it. Field realised the rare opportunity she earned and the pressure that came with it. "It puts a lot of pressure on you, you donít want to lose with it but it is special."

"I canít wait to see all the photos because it will be nice to have a cool photo in my rainbow stripes as not many people get to wear it so everyone knows that you are special."

After crossing the line first in the keirin the previous day Field was relegated for not holding her line in the sprint. "I wasnít upset with my relegation and it is fair that Tahlay got it," commented Field.

"It does make up for yesterday though because the sprint is my favourite event."
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