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  Back to back Bendigo Madison titles for Jessica Mundy  
  March 11th 2015  
  The women's Madison may still be a new event but one rider has already made it her own. Jessica Mundy already a dual Australian National Champion added a second Bendigo Madison title to her growing palmares over the weekend.

While the UCI still doesn't include a Madison for women on the track program a number of nations including Australia now hold a national championship. Australia first held the event at the end of 2012 as a demonstration event as part of the National Championships. Before the first official National title was included the following year. Mundy claimed the inaugural title with Annette Edmondson, with the duo successfully defending the title last December.

The Bendigo Madison carnival in early March is one of the biggest carnivals on the calendar with the women's Madison first introduced in 2013. After finishing third in the first edition Mundy has proved dominant the past two editions. Claiming the 2014 title with Isabella King before returning in 2015 to go back to back with dual Junior World Champion Alex Manly.

PelotonWatch: Inaugural Madison National Champion with Nettie Edmondson at the end of 2013. How did it feel being crowned the first National Champion in the event?

Jess Mundy: It was a great feeling being able to say that we were the first ever Australian National Madison winners. I think it is definitely a moment we will never forget.

PW: You successfully defended your Madison National title in December with Edmondson. What meant more winning it for the first time or being able to defend it?

JM: Winning the event for the first time it was run was a pretty monumental achievement for us. Although backing up the win the following year was equally as exciting, you always have the added pressure of knowing you are the marked riders in the field when trying to back up a good result.

PW: It was a packed crowd at Hisense how did you find the atmosphere?

JM: It was so amazing having a packed crowd at the event. The atmosphere was incredible; it really brings a great feel having the crowd cheering you on.

PW: Just back from your third Bendigo Madison an event you have now won twice. What does taking a second win this time with Alex Manly mean to you?

JM: I loved racing the Bendigo Madison again this year. It's a great event. Being able to take the event out for a second time being partnered this year with fellow SASI rider Alex Manly was a real thrill; she is definitely an up and coming talent.

PW: You have won four of six Madison events what is it about the event you like the most?

JM: I really like being able to have the effort and recovery aspects. It is so different to the other track events. It is very tactical making sure you get the changes in the correct places and working off any weaknesses or mistakes made by other teams. I really get a buzz slinging my partner into contention within the races.

PW: Have had women's Madison events in Australia for the past three years have you seen the standard of racing rise in that time?

JM: I definitely think riders are becoming more confident riding the event. After seeing the event, others have started up and are giving it a go, which is great to see. Also the following of the event is getting more recognition within womenís cycling.

PW: Would you like to see the women's Madison become a UCI event?

JM: Having a Madison event for women on the UCI calendar would be a massive step for womenís cycling and itís really a great event for spectators.

PW: Racing in Bendigo is very different with an outdoor track how do you like racing on it?

JM: With the outdoor track, you can have influences such as wind to take into consideration. The Bendigo track does not have steep banking, therefore easing down on the speed when rolling around the top is important to correctly time the slings, as rolling too fast can mean your partner is having to work more in the race.

PW: Signed with High5 Dream Team for 2015 what are your goals for this year?

JM: I would like to get some solid results within the National Road Series as well as assisting other team members. I want to prove myself worthy to get into the select team of riders to have an opportunity to race in Europe later in the year.

Annette Edmondson and Jessica Mundy celebrate their 2015 Madison National title.
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