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  Summer Moak eyeing selection for Junior Track World Championships after European racing  
  March 12th 2016  
  16-year-old American talent Summer Moak took up cycling five years ago at a beginners class at her local velodrome and in her own words "I've been hooked ever since."

Moak is part of the Team Twenty 16 Junior Team, managed by Nicola Cranmer who has been involved in the sport for 29 years both as an athlete as now as manager who has developed and continues to develop some of America's top cyclists.

"Nicola Cranmer and her support has been an integral part of my development," Moak said. "She's worked with all the big names in the female cycling world and she's heard every question or problem I've had - so I run everything by her first! If she doesn’t know the answer, I promise you she knows someone who does.

"Being on Twenty16 has also has provided me with the amazing opportunity to learn from the best! Olympic Gold medallist Kristen Armstrong, silver medallist and world champion Mari Holden, and all the other incredible athletes that make up the professional team.

"Oh and I can't forget my incredible now three time world champion Chloe Dygert! I'm lucky to be surrounded by greatness."

Despite only taking up cycling five years ago Moak has an impressive 25 gold medals to he name from the last five US National Track Championships.

"It means a lot to me because I know how hard I've worked hard to get every single one of them," said Moak. "There's been a lot of training, sacrifice, and sweat that's gone into each of them.

"I see what Sarah Hammer, Coryn Rivera, and Jennifer Valente, have done in their careers and think, "Wow! That could be me one day."

The current US 15-16 Record holder in the 3km individual pursuit, 500m time trial and 200m flying claimed six national titles last year came across sprint and endurance events.

"My focus is the omnium, so yes, I will have both sprint and endurance events," Moak added on continuing to do both.

As a first year under 19 Moak becomes eligible to attend the Junior Track World Championships in Aigle, Switzerland in July. "My first goal of course is to qualify. My second goal would be a medal at Junior Worlds."

But World Championship success is not all Moak has on her mind, with setting new national records also on the agenda. "My third goal is to break all the current national records in the 17-18 age group over the next two years." A goal that might seem lofty but based on her success so far it is not one you would discount.

While the majority of Moak's success has so far come on the boards she also has national titles in the criterium and time trial to her name.

"I get asked this question all the time and I guess I'd have to say I enjoy both for different reasons," Moak explained when asked on her preference for competing on the track or road. "Racing both gives me a chance to mix things up without becoming bored with one discipline.

"I also believe that they complement each other and make me a better racer all around.

"I enjoy racing track but I love being outdoors, in the sunshine, and riding my bike in beautiful places. I'd quickly become bored if all I did was go in circles."

The coming months sees Moak turn her attention there as she heads to Europe with the US national team of Skylar Schneider, Payten Maness and Hannah Arensman for a racing block including Gent-Wevelgem and the Junior Energiewacht Tour.

"Originally I was taking the start of this season very slow, doing lots of long endurance rides, trying to add in a bit more climbing.

"Then I got the invite from USA Cycling! It was time to get in race shape, and fast!

"I'm not really sure what to expect from the European racing so my main goal is to learn everything I can and do my best to represent my country," revealed Moak on what will be her first opportunity to race internationally.

"I hope to make everyone proud that provided me with the opportunity to be here."

Riders from nations outside of Europe have few opportunities to race in Europe and Moak is fully aware of the significance of the opportunity before her.

"This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I'm extremely thankful to USA Cycling for picking me," explained Moak. "I know many juniors, especially women don't ever get the chance.

"I'm looking forward to learning all I can, experiencing the European racing that everyone talks about, and just becoming a better racer in general.

"USA Cycling is bringing four junior women and I'm really looking forward to racing as a team with them.

"I'm also excited about working with Ina Teutenberg! She will be our race director and I've heard nothing but amazing things about her," Moak said of the legendary German who guided Chloe Dygert and Emma White to 1-2 finishes in the junior time trial and road race at the UCI Road World Championships last year.

While full of excitement of the opportunity the 16 year old realises it will not be easy. "The biggest challenge I'm going to face is the initial jet lag.

"I've also been warned about the unpredictable weather, and of course the cobbles!"
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