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  The Austral: Courtney Field  
  December 10th 2014  
  The Austral Wheelrace is the oldest track race in the world. The first edition in 1887 was run at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

The 117th edition will be held at Hisense Arena on December 20, 2014. In the lead up PelotonWatch will be bringing you interviews with former winners, podium finishers and challengers for the 117th title.

Below 2014 Junior World Sprint Champion and runner up in the 2014 Melbourne Cup on Wheels Courtney Field talks what the Austral means to her.

PelotonWatch: What does the Austral mean to you?

Courtney Field: The Austral is an exciting new event for me that I get to take part in this year because I have never been old enough to do it before. It would mean something to me if I could do well at this race since I was a promoter for the event.

PW: What was it like to be part of the launch of the oldest track race in the world?

CF: It was really good to get to be part of the launch of the Austral. I got to learn a few things about the Austral, while I was listening to the speeches.

PW: You were second in the Melbourne Cup on Wheels last year. Does that give you confidence being competitive in a similar field?

CF: Coming into the Austral after doing the Melbourne cup on Wheels last year does make me feel a little bit more confident because I know now that I can race in those packs and if I put myself in the right position I could be in with a chance. But it really all depends on the positioning and the marks that I get and everyone else it the race. Anything can happen and anyone can win that's what makes these races exciting.

PW: After having a hugely successful year what would adding the Austral to your growing list of results mean?

CF: After my big year it would be really good for me to be able to prove to myself that I can do it. But also getting this race back at Hisense, making the races bigger and more exciting it would be amazing to win.

PW: What would you say to encourage people to come down and watch?

CF: I would say to people that there are riders coming from all over the world to race the Austral and the Madison. If you are new to cycling and want to start to be involved to come and watch it because these races are the most exciting events all jam packed into one night.

Courtney Field 2014 Oceania Championships Sprint.
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