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  Jessica Mundy Blog: 2016 season racing in the United States  
  October 28th By Jessica Mundy  
  Jessica Mundy after winning 2016 Australian under 23 criterium national title. Photo: PelotonWatch  
  After a successful road nationals in Ballarat earlier this year, I set off to race in America in March. Going over to the US was a move to see if it could help me gain self-confidence as well as to improve my abilities with a slightly different style of racing. It was my first time experiencing events in America. I had previously raced as part of the Australian Development High 5 Team in Europe, racing that I thoroughly enjoyed, especially the challenges and working with a great team.

In the US, I raced as part of the Fearless Femme cycling team based out of New Jersey. The team focused mainly on criteriums, as part of the (PRT) Pro Road Tour. They also had a passionate foundation to help people to get involved with cycling and inspire children to ride bikes. It was great to see how they have incorporated a children’s race before almost all of the events we did. We would ride beside them for support as they made their way up the finishing straight.

The races in the States were located around popular dining areas or universities creating huge crowds of spectators that added to the atmosphere that every race brings. Each race is one hour in duration with prime sprints and even surprise ones announced to the peloton over the PA system. The racing was fast and hard with strong fields with riders from Canada and other riders from Europe.

Whilst in America, the team had some great successes. Some of my favorite events that we did were USACrits series and GP Gatineau RR (in Canada). I was able to claim the under 25young rider for the USACrits series as well as podiums at Speedweek and Dairylands.

I thoroughly enjoyed racing in America and look forward to next season as a member of the Colavita/Bianchi pb Vittoria UCI Pro Team. Now onwards to some training for the remainder of 2016 and the season to come.
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