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  Marion Borras Blog: 2016 Under 23 European Championships  
  July 28th By Marion Borras  
  The week before the Under 23 European Track Championship we were in training camp at Hyeres, France. We spent the week to adjust the last details, mostly in team pursuit. I had already ridden with two of my partners before Cécilia Le Bris and Soline Lamboley. But Marie Dufour came from sprint so it was her first time this year.

After five hours in the car, we arrived in Montichiari on Saturday night. Sunday, we had ride on the track. It was a little bit impressed because it was very fast. Same thing on Monday. I was more stressed because I was riding the individual pursuit the next day.

I hadn't really slept that night. Too many questions in my head. So it was a little bit harder to get up at 6am. I was on before last series. When I was on the home trainer warming up, I saw very good times by the first ladies. At this moment I knew I couldn't make any mistakes. I took the risk to go faster than usual. I did my PB in 3:36, but it was not enough to go in final so I had to be content with my fifth place.

On Wednesday I had the team pursuit. I had much less pressure and I was really motivated to ride with my teammates. It was the first time that French team had done a U23 women team pursuit, so we didn't really know what we could do. I was the starter. After those four kilometres we had posted a time of 4:37. We were happy with the time but we all think we could do better. Another fifth place!

My next two days were calmer. I was just relaxing and preparing my omnium on Saturday and Sunday.

My first day was not good. Except the individual pursuit where I finished third, I did a bad scratch, same for elimination. For both I came 11th. On Sunday, I had nothing to loose, I was far from the top of the classification. I took some risks with new gears. And it worked. I won the 500m TT and the flying lap, with two PB's.

I was fourth before the points race, just a few points off the podium. I had to try to take the most of points of possible at the beginning of the race. But then, after a sprint, four girls had taken a lap, including two girls who were behind me at the classification. That's when I knew it would be very difficult to get a medal at the end. I finished the race like I could, for finally another fifth place.

It was a good championship for my experience. I learned a lot and I hope for better than fifth places in the future!
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