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  Scott Law Blog: Why I like the new omnium format  
  15th October 2016 By Scott Law  
  Scott Law after winning 2016 Australian omnium title. John Veage / Cycling Australia  
  The change in omnium format announced by the UCI has elicited strong reactions from riders and fans alike. Many have critisied the decision to remove the timed events. With four events held in one day - scratch, tempo race, elimination and points race the style of rider it suits has changed dramatically.

One rider excited by the changes is Multiple Australian Omnium Champion and World Cup medallist Scott Law who is looking forward to giving the new format a crack.

I love the new format for the Omnium. It's a bit of a shame that the got rid of the timed events. But from a spectators point of view, who really wants to be sitting inside for a total of 6-7hrs watching individuals ride by themselves for between 20 seconds to 4 and a half minutes a piece?

Not a lot of people.

People want to see action! They want to see 24 people on the track at the one time going absolutely bonkers. They want to be entertained and this new format does that.

I'm interested to see how the new "tempo" race goes, I've done it maybe once or twice at carnivals but on the big stage it could be a whole new ball game.

Overall I love this new format. It's a tough one being that all the races are on the one day but I really enjoy racing when the crowd is excited as well so it's prefect for me.
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